Communication, collaboration, change and digital transformation
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I help organisations making things happen at the crossroads of communication, collaboration, change management and digital transformation. 


Effective internal communication creates engagement and intensive sharing of information in support of a better customer experience.


Effective collaboration within and between teams allows your company to focus on the customer with maximum efficiency.


Effective change management allows your co-workers to keep pace with your transformation projects and stay highly engaged.


Digital as an effective and disruptive enabler of communication, collaboration and change within your organisation.

My story

For more than two decades I have been extending my foundations in communication with complementary skills in marketing, change management, organisation, human interactions, IT and business development.

My projects

As a consultant, project manager or interim manager, I offer a full range of competencies to fulfil your needs regarding communication, collaboration, change and digital transformation.

My clients

I had the pleasure to drive multiple projects, mainly in the financial sector (private banking, investment banking, corporate and retail banking) but also in other industries like retail, pharma, healthcare…

Connecting for Effectiveness