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General conditions and privacy policy

Company data

  • eXHocet sprl
  • Avenue Louis Bertrand 102 D32
  • 1030 Brussels
  • Belgium
  • Phone: +32 (0) 2 245 35 00
  • Company Number: BE0848.335.472

Your personal data

On this site we collect your personal data. These data are managed by our company. We keep the following information when you visit our website :

  • your ‘ domain name ‘ (IP address) when you visit our web page
  • your contact information when you send messages / questions on this site
  • your contact information when you contact us by e -mail

This information is used for internal use , for further contact with you and inform you about our activities .

Use of cookies

We use cookies on this website to store information that is specific , such as web pages through which you have accessed our site.


We have put in place appropriate security measures to protect and prevent the loss , misuse or alteration of information received on our site.

How to contact us about our privacy policy?

Use of your data

  • If you give us your postal address via the website you will only receive the information or commands that you have requested , to the address you provided us.
  • If you give us your telephone number via the web you will only receive telephone calls from our society that are necessary to respond to your questions or inform you about orders made ​​on line .
  • If you give us your e -mail address via the web you may receive e- mails from our company to provide you with information about our products, services or upcoming events ( for the purpose of direct marketing) , provided that you have given your consent or you are already a customer of ours and we have you shared your e -mail address. If you no longer wish to receive such e- mails, please contact us via the contact form on this website.
  • If you no longer wish to receive mailings or phone calls from any company, you can contact the Robinson department of the Belgian Direct Marketing Association ( , free phone number : 0800-91 887 by mail : BDMV , Robinson list , Buro & Design Center, Esplanade du Heysel B46 , 1020 Brussels)
  • eXHocet sprl may use customer information for new uses that are not yet included in our policy “Privacy” . In this case, we will contact you before we use your data for these new purposes, to inform you of the change in our regulations for the protection of personal data and give you the opportunity to opt out of these new uses.

View and edit your personal data

On request, we give our site visitors with access to all information about them. If you want access to this information , contact us at the address mentioned above. Upon request we offer visitors the opportunity to correct any inaccurate information about them. If you want to correct information about you , please contact us at the address mentioned above.

If you think that our site does not comply with our privacy policy as it is described , please contact via the contact form on this website.

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